Penis pumps for PE and ED

Penis pumps are not going to double the size, but they are likely to fix erectile dysfunction and add some length to your penis.

Let’s explore the science behind using penis pumps for penis enlargement. A significant portion of men in their lifetime will encounter urological problems such as erectile dysfunction, so read this in advance to prepare.

There is no shame in knowing more about your health. Looking into suction devices such as penis pumps as a penis enlargement method had been accidental. No known research that investigated penis enlargement via devices has been conducted. Nothing peer-reviewed anyway.

However, erectile dysfunction as a medical condition is well-known and well-researched. The reason why penis pumps have become the go-to penis enlargement method for men is that research into ED (erectile dysfunction).


Do penis pumps work for treating ED?

Yes, they do, clinically proven. 9 out of 10 men who use penis pumps can gain an erection regardless of the cause of ED.

Do penis pumps increase penis size?

There is some good evidence to say they do.

Buying a penis pump is not uncommon. In the United States alone, medicare purchases penis pumps worth 400 million dollars annually. Had it been a complete waste of money, the public would be outraged. Although mostly used for treating erectile dysfunction, penis pumps have also shown promise for penis enlargement.

Let’s review their penis pumps effectiveness, look at the science behind them, and will weigh the pros and cons of using them.

This is a quick overview, for a better understanding please consult a practicing physician.

How effective are penis pumps in treating erectile dysfunction and do they increase penis size?

Also known as “Vacuum Constriction Devices” (VCD), penis pumps are used to increase the strength of erection by increasing the capacity for blood in the penile tissue. Pumping is a medically approved procedure.

50 to 80% of patients who used penis pumps to treat erectile dysfunction reported being satisfied with the results. A high success rate also means that people have high expectations.

Medical Research

Penis pumps are clinically proven to help in treating erectile dysfunction. They are also used as an erection recovery treatment tool after physical trauma, prostate operations, radiation therapy, and other hormone-related problems. They are also used for treating Peyronie’s disease (asymmetric penis shape or curved penis, which is entirely normal). 

Penis pumps have been gaining in popularity as a successful treatment for erectile dysfunction for two decades. They are becoming popular now due to their potential penis enlargement properties.

They are not magically going to double your penis size, but moderate gains can be attributed to the pumping procedures according to some reputable studies.

Research into ED Long-term regular usage of penis pumps leads to penis size increases due to the stretching of blood vessels. Studies show that regular use of penis pumps has a positive impact on blood circulation. As a side-effect, they appear to help men reach a stronger erection, coincidentally increasing penis size when used regularly over a long period by ED patients. If you had erections then you know that sometimes the penis is larger than at other times. It would be reasonable to assume that penis pumps as an ED treatment either work by increasing erection strength full stop or at least make the erection stronger more frequently.

How do penis pumps work for erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement? Science and research.

Increasing the volume of blood that can be held in the penis is a byproduct of using penis pumps

Increasing blood flow to the penile tissue fixes erectile dysfunction in long term, and helps straighten the curvature. Some studies mention increases in the length of the penis.

Erections happen when there is increased blood flow to the penile tissue. The penis is more like a sponge, rather than like a muscle.  A strong erection is achieved when the blood flow to the penis fills the maximum capacity of the penile tissue. An erection is also measured in terms of maintenance. Maintaining an erection for longer periods requires better blood circulation.  Penis pumps to aid in this process. Over time, penile tissue such as corpus cavernosa can store more blood, leading to a stronger erection.

Using penis pumps regularly helps men to increase blood flow to the penis in the long term. The most popular reason for the usage of penis pumps is to help men with erectile dysfunction. However, now they are used in sexual play and for the treatment of several other conditions. There has been a lot of research into their usage. Their effectiveness in treating ED is an accepted medical fact. Some studies that show them as being ineffective, mention that they were ineffective due to the high rate of discontinuation. Patients forgot to use them or did not want to use them regularly.

Penis pumps as a penis enlargement device

As for penis enlargement, there is contradicting evidence from different studies. The opinion is divided, for now, however recently some publications mentioned a side effect of using penis pumps for the treatment of ED which caused increases in penis size, in particular, penis length among patients. For increases in penis girth (or width, circumference), there is very limited evidence. Despite the lack of scientific research into penis enlargement, there are groups of people who have experimented with themselves at PEgym for example. Their feedback tells of moderate increases with regular pumping sessions.

Penis pumping ten-minute sessions, twice a day, for the length of three months lead to an unexpected increase in length of half an inch in one experiment.

Whether the result stacks with other methods is unknown. It is unknown if continuing usage for longer periods would stack either.

It is also not researched whether the effect is long-term, although it appears that it isn’t, so it would require regular pumping sessions. On the other hand, through regular use, the body is likely to adjust. So after a period of regular use, the effect may be a moderate increase.

The increase of penis girth is unknown although logic would suggest that this would be the first thing to increase. It is well known that measurements of penises when the erection was reached by oral sex is larger than by other methods. The mechanics of using penis pumps and oral sex are similar.

It has been suggested that penis pump usage, in combination with hot water (or other methods of making the tissue more flexible ) and with jelqing exercises may provide a long-term increase in penis size when used regularly for a long period and in moderation.

Penis pumps are widely used in medicine

Pros and cons of using penis pumps for both erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement.


  • Penis pumps are clinically proven to be effective, in the long term for treating erectile dysfunction.
  • Penis pumps have shown promise for penis enlargement.
  • Penis pumps are cheaper alternatives to other treatments. There are no costs after the initial purchase.
  • Vacuum pumps are less risky than other treatments. In terms of treating ED, they are safe if used in moderation. We can assume the same for their penis enlargement properties.
  • Penis pump usage is non-invasive. They don’t require surgery or medication.
  • Penis pumps are used in conjunction with other treatments. Sometimes for the best result treatments work in combination.
  • Can be used in sexual play


  • They are cumbersome and require storage space.
  • A high rate of discontinued use. People forget to use them or lose enthusiasm/need for using them.
  • Painful erections if not used in moderation.
  • Somewhat embarrassing to buy and use.

How to use a penis pump?

A penis pump is a device that consists of a cylindrical tube, a compression ring, and a handheld pump. Penis pumps work by creating a vacuum. 

Be careful when using a penis pump

Use penis pumps with caution

The cylinder is most commonly made of acrylic, strong enough to withstand pressure. The best penis pump cylinder is usually transparent, to see the pumping effect on the penis, and to monitor penis enlargement.

The compression ring is a rubber covering at the end of the cylinder which is pressed against the body. It serves as a valve control and makes the use of the penis pump less unpleasant.

The handheld pump is the control part of the penis pump. It can be a trigger-action pump in form of a pistol, a ball, or a battery-operated suction device.

A penis pumps works by creating a vacuum to draw blood into the penis by creating external pressure for the penile tissue to expand.

A word of caution about using penis pumps

Be wary: overuse of penis pumps may damage penile tissue! Consult a medical professional before use. Be careful! Use in moderation!