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Do men inherit penis dimensions and shape from their parents?

Whilst this is a touchy topic, considering the intimate nature of the subject. It is science and therefore it can be looked upon as completely natural as a question of inheritability of physical characteristics. The nature of genes and our understanding of the processes involved as genes pass from one generation to the next are yet to be fully understood but we already understand the principles.

How to measure penis size, length and circumference

In 2019 there is still a lot of clickbait articles and bogus data on penis size, which is unfortunate. We try to overcome it by looking seriously into the data. We provide up-to-date, accurate information about penis matters ranging from average penis sizes to penis enlargement. Bogus claims may lead to men making misinformed decisions. Therefore it is important to know how to measure penis size, both length, and girth (circumference).

How to measure penis size correctly?

Average penis length and girth by race - complete analysis

This page looks at averages, ranges, and standard deviation of penis sizes, both length, and circumference. The results below are relevant in 2020 and still represent the best scientific data on penis sizes among different peoples and races. 

Below is a list of over 40 studies from 1899 to 2014, measuring average penis sizes of men, using different methods, different states (flaccid, stretched, erect) across different countries and of different ages, conducted by different researchers.